Canadian Wilderness

The brewing portion of this blog will be stalled for a couple of weeks and here is why: 

Canada 6

Wills family came to own an old railroad house, “Buck’s House” on Favel Lake in Ontario, Canada near Kenora. It’s an isolated little spot with only a few other cabins and houses on the compound and is accessible only by boat (in the Spring-Fall) or by train (in the Winter). No electricity, no running water, no phone, no BATHROOM.

Wills is getting ready to embark on his annual Winter trip up to Buck’s House to cut ice out of the lake, which is stored in the ice house. Why do they do this? So that the families visiting Favel Lake in the warmer months may have refrigeration to store their food items.

Canada 1


And what does this craziness look like you might ask?

To the right is a picture of Wills, his dad, and my dad taking a break from shoveling off the lake. After they clear a spot on the lake, they drill a hole with an ice auger. Then they use these man-sized saws to cut blocks of ice from the lake, then huge pincers to heave the ice blocks from the water. Below is a photograph of the men in action. Oh look! There’s also a photograph of ME in action as well.

Canada 2Canada 5



That’s right, they got me to go on this trip a couple of years ago… It was quite the experience. Such an experience, I don’t think that repeating it would be necessary. Something about venturing out in to the wilderness to the outhouse when the temperature is -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Canada 8

I enjoyed the manual labor, the quiet, the isolation, and even at times the bone-chilling cold. It was truly a breathtaking sight to behold, miles of untouched wilderness covered in snow. Something I will always remember and may revisit from time to time… in my photographs…

Canada 7

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