January: A Month in Review

Us at Winterfest!

Us at Winterfest!

The first month of my life as an amateur baker and blogger has come to an end, and I feel like I am just starting to get a handle on my new hobby.

I am starting to figure out how I’d like to present my baking adventures, what my ‘voice’ is, how often it is reasonable for me to post new recipes, and how to become more involved in this blogging world.

 I have begun planning things to bake including things that just sound yummy to personal challenges using ingredients that I had previously thought intimidating (yeast). Trust me if I only baked things that sounded good, I would constantly be posting chocolate chip cookies and cakes… I would gain 50 pounds in the next year… and this blog would be quite boring.

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

Snickerdoodle Cupcakes

 I began this adventure right after the holidays when I was staying with my family for a couple of weeks. My family is huge and they eat like pigs. Thinking of things to bake for them was a cinch. Plus there were two birthdays thrown in there back to back which made for perfect occasions to create a cake and cupcakes.

 However, now I am back to my normal life where it is just me and Wills, and baking for two has proven quite challenging.

I don’t want to bake too much of anything because it will spoil. I don’t want to bake anything too heavy or rich because I don’t want to totally wreck our waistlines. So…

A goal for the next month will be to plan more practical baking endeavors like breads and entrees, things that we would consume regardless of my new baking habit.

Photo taken at Crown Brewing, Crown Point, IN

Photo taken at Crown Brewing, Crown Point, IN

Another goal for February is to get our first batch of beer brewing!

Baking & Brewing. It’s half of our name for Christs sake! Our first batch will be an Amber, and I cannot wait to get Wills involved in this blog. We had a good time this month visiting new breweries and attending Winterfest in Indianapolis. We will continue posting about our adventures in craft beer!

 In case you missed any of my January posts here they are by category:


Classic White Bread

Soft Pretzels

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Soft Pretzels
Soft Pretzels

Cheese Rolls

Olive Garden Breadsticks


Blueberry Cheese Muffins

Graham Streusel Lemon Muffins


Snickerdoodle Cupcakes


Chocolate-Peanut Butter Cheesecake

Chocolate Chippers
Chocolate Chippers

Chocolate STOUT Cake


Chocolate Chippers


Pretzel Dogs

Buttermilk Pancakes

Swedish Cinnamon Biscotti

I am always looking for feedback or suggestions! Anything you’d like to see in February?

As always…

Swedish Cinnamon Biscotti

Swedish Cinnamon Biscotti


3 thoughts on “January: A Month in Review

  1. Those snickerdoodle cupcakes..look AMAZING!! I hear you on wanting to bake all the time and baking cookies and cakes..thank god I run because I swear I would be 200lbs if I didn’t!! I am excited to see your beer brewing successes!

    • Same! I just started running last summer (always an athlete, never a RUNNER) and thank god for exercise! Helps me get through my guilty choco-holic days. I’m excited to get brewing too, hopefully we can pull it off!

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